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Original Washable Rugs

Our close relationships with global factories enable us to quickly introduce designs people love, at great value, with great service.

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    Fast, 2-day shipping - if more than a week, money back!
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    Curated, on-trend designs, with frequent new arrivals!
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    Great quality, market-low prices; we stand by our value!
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    All-in-one washables - no multiple pieces to manage!

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Our rugs are ethically sourced and made without harmful or toxic chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. We are GoodWeave certified, which is an international standard for safe and sustainable production.

We are proud that many of our largest factories employ a female labor force, which rare in some of the countries in which they operate.

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    3 x 5 rugs are great to cushion areas with a lot of standing

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    4 x 6 rugs are great to frame an area with high foot traffic

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    5 x 8 rugs are great for smaller rooms - the most versatile size

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    6 x 9 rugs are great for standard living room areas

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    8 x 10 rugs are great for larger living rooms or grander spaces

How are different rugs made?

Handwoven rugs are meticulously made by hand using a large loom, with each piece of yarn interlaced horizontally and vertically. The warped yarn at the end of the loom forms the fringe.

Hand-knotted rugs are individually knotted by hand onto the rug's foundation as the rug is being woven to create a pile.

Hand-loomed rugs are pile rugs made on a loom, with an innovative technique that lifts the warp yarn to create a pile that’s looped or cut.

Hand-tufted rugs start as a pattern drawn on canvas where yarn is shot in loops onto the canvas with a mechanized "gun" to form a pile, which is then trimmed for a smooth cut-pile finish. To secure the loops, a rubber or latex backing is painted onto the back of the canvas.

Machine-woven rugs are often made by power looms, and the speed and efficacy with which they can complete a rug makes these pieces highly affordable.

How do I wash my rug?

Simply machine wash your rug with cold water using a gentle cycle. Do not bleach. We recommend line drying or drying without heat on an air-only drying cycle. A low heat iron can be used if needed. To remove any light dirt or debris, hand vacuum carefully on the lowest setting without the beater bar.