Living Room

In smaller spaces, go for a 5'x8' or 6'x9' rug centered on the coffee table.

In larger areas, choose an 8'x10' rug, ensuring front chair or sofa legs rest on it for balanced arrangement


In the bedroom, consider 3'x5' rugs on each side of the bed, a 6'x9' rug for side-to-side placement, and an 8'x10' for coverage of the walking space around the end of the bed


For the bathroom, where space is appropriate, use 3'x5' rugs for soft and comfortable foot placement

Dining Room

Dining rooms need larger rugs, such as 8'x10', for individuals to effectively step out of their seat without tripping over the edge of the rug behind their chair


For the kitchen, where functionality meets style, consider these rug sizes:

4'x6' Rugs: Perfect for medium-sized kitchens, these rugs provide ample coverage in front of sinks, islands, or under small dining sets.

5'x8' Area Rug: Ideal for larger kitchen spaces or open-concept layouts, this size rug can anchor the space under dining tables or in the center of the kitchen.